" ... And we decided to take the risk and think out of the box"
Mbuih Zukane


ICAD originated from an empirical observation on the incessant human bad-practices on the environment, especially unsustainable practices often linked to their culture and way of life. . Albeit being a highly diversified cultural niche in the world, Cameroon’s culture incessantly undermines their effect on the environment and on the future generation 

ICAD, was founded in 2009. By then it was just an association per law no 90/053 of 19 December 1990 , regulating Associations in Cameroon. It emanated from the observation that Cameroon is one of the most  diversified country in the world, often Referred to as “Africa in miniature”, Cameroon has more than 300 dialects, more than 250 ethnic groups, a myriad of people, tradition and customs, countless religious groups. which is enough human resource to achieve the SDGs.

We are out to initiate best practices, by creating an enabling environment whereby each culture can accept to contribute in eradicating the tragedy of the commons . We strive to transform all wastes into useful resources. And make such a common and accepted practice.