Our Mid-year Evaluation (2018)

Goal 1: Outreach and Visibility:

Milestone: Scale and get indirect beneficiaries

Outcome: Goal Achieved. We successfully created the website and increased our visibility by 67%, granting us access to more users, partners and grants. We are now serving a broader online community and scaling through onsite. In the same vein, the e-culture project saw the participation of more than 500 youths (university students), which was far above our milestone. We had a total of 16321 likes, clicks and shares on our online resources.

Goal 2: Empowerment and progress:

Milestone: Empower 1500 youths

Outcome: Goal not completely achieved. The year ended with us reaching out just to 988 youths directly. This was due to the increase in our activities and the fact that the Ministry of culture who promised to support our green culture project didn’t show up. On the contrary, many women than planned were empowered.

The most important achievement in this endeavor is the increase in the number of volunteers to 80, from 31 the previous year.

Goal 3: Community support and partnerships

Milestone: Soil our roots in the local community

Outcome: we secured a partnership with the Dschang University foundation in June, which gives us access to a community of 30000 persons (students, alumni, staff and authorities). We are thus listed as a strategic partner. We also liaised with the Dschang city council. As the lone organization working purely on the civilization and modernization of culture while fostering sustainable development, we received endorsements from 8 traditional chiefs. We signed partnership and MoU with renowned organizations as mentioned earlier.

Major awards and listings 2017/2018:

 Tony Elumelu Award (http://tonyelumelufoundation.org/programme/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/TEF2017_1000_NAMES-1.pdf )

Dschang University foundation award for excellence and support

Culture pro.


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