Profiling Yembe Thomas.

Mr Yembe is the Manager of ICAD since November 2018. His muscles and brains revitalized the enterprise and shoved it to its current ranks. He has 9 years of experience in organic farming and sustainable agriculture as a whole. He also obtained vast knowledge in recycling plastics into construction materials. Hitherto, his prowess earned him a visa to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea (2016-2017), where he served as a project lead in a myriad of companies including among others SOMAJEC, RAZEL, EMBAJADA. Today, Mr Yembe is putting his knowledge and know-how in the W4D project and ensuring that it remains evergreen. Besides, he runs the daily activities of the organization. His personal touch has given the organization the image it has today.

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One thought on “Profiling Yembe Thomas.

  1. Keep on manager,just be patient , hardworking in an intelligent manner,so that you will lead us to attain our goal affordable and clean energy the 7 sustainable development goals

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