Stock taking; act V

Building on article 8.2 (II) of the constitution of ICAD, a general assembly is held once a year, to take stock and evaluate activities of the just ended year. The General assembly has been announced for the 29 December 2018 in Dschang, Cameroon.

In prelude to the general assembly will be an extra ordinary board meeting, followed by an internal auditing and financial report. These meetings also marks the end of the first 5 years action plan that was instituted in 2013. The next action plan that is expected to start in 2019 will have as priority the culture of sustainable agriculture, cultural and human-centered activities that degrades the environment, the culture of peace and tolerance.

We shall continue with training, advocacy, information, empowerment and assistance. Women and youths however remains our priority, especially the less privileged. 

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