Our Mission statement is bridging gaps

Our mission is to ensure that GHGs emissions are reduced to zero in Dschang. We intend to foster waste management, clean energy, reforestation and sustainable agriculture. 

Our vision is to see a world in which people’s prowess will be transformed into tools of sustainable development.

Activities include:

  • Biogas / organic manure production.
  • Rearing of birds.
  • Recycling of wastes to different outlets (Papers and sawdust to briquettes, chicken and household droppings to biogas/slurry, plastics to pavements and plastic bottles to portable gardens.
  • Sustainable agriculture

We Carryout a plethora of activities that cuts across all ages and class of persons. Building on article 6 of our constitution, ICAD’s activities are centered around community and local development, with special focus on giving value to wastes. 

So far, our activities have been mainly in Cameroon, reaching out to 21 localities and creating an impact on about 6000 persons.

Following the decision number RC/BMF/2017/A/365 of 19 July 2017, ICAD gained the status of a social enterprise.

As a social enterprise, we blend income generating activities with charity. Income generation is obtained from goods and services offered, while we use the excess profit to plant trees, offer assistance to Internally displaced, orphans and returnees.

An organization’s ability to learn, and leverage that learning into action rapidly, is the utmost credo of ICAD. We heartily appreciate the time you took off, to read on what we do, who we are, our values, visions and missions…