Sustainable Agriculture

In Cameroon, agriculture represents more than half of the country non-oil export revenues and employs almost 60 percent of the working population. Ninety percent of rural households are, in one way or another, employed in agriculture, and approximately one-third of them earn their living from export crops. 

What we do concretely

  • Organic farming
  • Urban farming
  • Charity farming
  • Aquaponics (Coming soon)

ORGANIC FARMING: We own a 5 hectares of land, where we only apply the organic manure obtained from the biodigester as slurry left over after methenization. We plant three times a year, mostly food crops.

URBAN FARMING: We encourage vertical or urban farming around the locality of Dschang. We plant spices in used plastic bottles, which we share to students and other beneficiaries in exchange of used bottles.

CHARITY FARMING: Because of the ongoing crisis in Cameroon, coupled with the effects of climate change, we do charity farming by sharing free farmland to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are registered with us. Each IDP gets a 20m x 10 m piece of land for fre. We offer then free seeds and labour (by volunteers)

AQUAPONICS: We shall set up an aquaponic plant by September 2019, as a way of promoting the blue economy.