TOT: 22 future trainers trained!

Dschang-ICAD-29/06/19: On the 29th June 2019, ICAD Center for Innovation (ICI) played host to a training session of 22 youths, who were trained as future ambassadors for ICAD’s W4D project. The 22 youths from sundry sectors were trained on the techniques of recycling sawdust and papers into burning briquettes and ecological lighters.

This training workshop was articulated in 3 modules. The first module was fundamentally on how to acquire the inputs that are used for producing briquettes, while the second module was the practical phase, where participants were thought on the steps and stages that are undertaken to produce charcoal briquettes. In the second module which lasted for 3 hours, each and every participant practically produced a good number of briquettes. The third module was the evaluation phase of the project and this took place at the headquarter of ICAD at Paidground – Dschang. In this module, participants were given the floor to criticize, comment and appreciate the activities that were carried out and, in their rounds, the gave contributions on how the project can be improved upon.

The participants pledged to be the ambassadors of ICAD, in the future and shall be dedicated trainers in the long run./

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