Training and Capacity Building

  • We empower the less privileged

    Training Women in Ndop, Cameroon

  • Multiculturalism

    We strive to make culture the 4th pillar of sustainable development

  • Information & Services

    We provide information, advice and services for free

  • Outreach to Youths

    During a capacity building workshop in Dschang

  • Advocacy and outreach

    Reversing bad-practices

  • Serving Humanity

    We serve humanity in different capacities

Staff: Training and capacity building in iCAD takes place at different scales, first of all we make sure that we offer training and knowledge recycling to our workers and management staff. This often takes place every three months. Notwithstanding, once we have a project. A capacity building is obligatory.

Project beneficiaries: ICAD also offers training and capacity building to beneficiaries of its projects. Most often, beneficiaries of projects are empowered, based on the project objectives and or on the need assessments. Generally, our capacity building uses the Result based method. Which often focuses on performance and achievement of outputs, outcomes and impacts and integrates project design, management, and monitoring, to provide a framework to systematically test assumptions, promote learning, and supply timely information for management decisions.

This is achieved based on the following steps: 

  1. Conceptualize the context of the site where you are working and what to influence
  2. Plan both your Actions and Monitoring.
  3. Implement both your Actions and Monitoring.
  4. Analyze your monitoring data to evaluate the effectiveness of your activities. Use your results to Adapt your project to maximize impact.
  5. Capture and Share your results with key external and internal audiences to promote Learning.