We are winning their hearts

The prowess of an organization is measured by its ability to win the hearts of the local people/institutions. Changing the status quo on waste management and disposal are what we intend to achieve by December 2019. It requires advocacy, sensitization, but most importantly action, to change from the prevailing practices of poor waste disposal to pre-sorting and recycling of the wastes. In line with the Waste for Development Project (W4D), we joined our strategic partner, the University of Dschang in a clean-up campaign on Wednesday 6th January 2019. As a partner, all the wastes generated from the university will be recycled by ICAD.

It should be noted that this cleanup campaign is going to be a monthly activity henceforth, meaning every first Wednesday of the month, our over 80 volunteers will join the university community to do pre-sorting and carry the wastes to our recycling stations. 

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