Workshop in Addis Ababa

ICAD’s CEO Mr Mbuih Zukane was invited along side 44 other youth connekt fellows from 20 countries, to take part in a training, co-organized by UNDP Regional Service for Africa and the Japanese representation to the AU, under the theme “Entrepreneurship, 21st century leadership skills, employment opportunities in the blue economy and from technological innovation. This intensive workshop, had a very enriching agenda, where participants were taught on new leadership techniques, like adaptive leadership and how it could be included in today’s leadership scenarios. Participants were also taught on mapping out strategies in their enterprises and adapting them to innovative entrepreneurship. Mr Njoya Tikum, the Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa of UN Volunteers, who doubled up as the moderator, speaker and main trainer, challenged the participants to look for modus operandi to be ‘doers’ and problem solvers, rather than complaining about everything as is the characteristics of most African youths and entrepreneurs.

The most remarkable part of the workshop was the fact that the blue economy was deciphered. Given its potential for youth employment, job creation and innovation, the blue economy was identified as one of the main focus areas for the workshop. The effective use of oceans, seas and inland waters is widely recognized as a source of employment opportunities for the youths in Africa. These abundant water resources continue to support food security, employment, poverty eradication, health and human well- being, innovation, tourism, protection from natural disasters, and reduces the effects of climate change by absorbing as much as 30% of carbon dioxide emissions and 90 percent of excess heat trapped by greenhouse gases. The Blue Economy also looks at oceans, seas and inland waters as development spaces where sustainable extraction and conservation of oil is integrated with biodiversity, and mineral resources, sustainable energy production and marine transportation. Blue economy also explores a wide range of emerging sectors, including renewable energy production, tourism, maritime transportation, marine biotechnology among others.

It is against this backdrop that ICAD’s ICI envisages the implantation of an aquaponic plant by September 2019. Besides implanting an aquaponic plant, ICAD will organize a replication ceremony, as a side event during the commemoration of the World Earth day on the 22nd April 2019; whereby the skills acquired during the workshop will be shared with participants.

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