World Earth Day! Planting 2000 trees to save 10 million lives

Lets plant 2 000 trees and save 10 million lives

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Why does the ICAD need to plant 2 000 trees?
Every year, more and more trees are affected by natural disasters that cause
deforestation. Wildfire, insects and disease – exacerbated by climate change – are jeopardizing the very things that make our forests special. Planting trees helps restore forest cover to these lands, ensuring that our forests can continue to provide wildlife habitat, supply water to millions of people, and help
fight climate change.

How much does it cost to plant a tree and what does my money actually support?
ICAD plants five trees for every dollar (560XAF) donated. Your donations help provide seedlings that are then planted by our volunteers (80). For every dollar donated (560XAF), ICAD invests $2 (1120XAF) in these important projects by sourcing seeds, identifying the areas in most need of tree planting, contracting the labor, and providing follow-up care to ensure the tree survives the dry season.

Where are the trees planted?
ICAD works with the forestry Department in the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA) of the University of Dschang and the Ministry of  Forestry and Wildlife to select planting sites where the ecological need is greatest. Many of our plantings occur around sacred forests, because no one dares to fetch wood there, or where
wildfires are driving reforestation need, but we plant in all areas, being responsive to where trees are
needed most. Donors can choose where trees are planted.

Why does ICAD need extra money to plant trees?
ICAD’s mandate is waste management, recycling and sustainable development entangled with limited resources, most of our income are from the activities generated from local actions or from grants and awards, meanwhile  There are currently more than 1 million acres of our equatorial Forests in urgent need of reforestation. That’s where the ICAD
comes in – we’re working to raise funds necessary to reforest these cherished landscapes.

How do I know that my trees were actually planted?
ICAD adheres to strict auditing guidelines. At the completion of each tree-planting season, ICAD generates detailed reports about that year’s tree planting projects for our partners and fundraisers.

Are seedlings monitored for survival?
Before seedlings are ever planted, our experts are careful to plant only when conditions are optimal, ensuring the highest possible survival rate. Our volunteers monitors seedlings for several years after
they are planted. They use random sampling and, if needed, will carry out follow-up care or clear-off the neighborhood of the seedling areas to further boost seedling survival.

Who are the local partners

The ministry of Environment, The Ministry of Forestry and wildlife, La source orphanage, Baleveng, the University of Dschang.

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